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1. World Medtech Forum Lucerne 25.-27. September 2012

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Swiss Medtech Expo: September 15 to 16, 2015

Swiss Medtech Expo is the trade fair for the third-largest medtech market in Europe. Suppliers and specialist service providers as well as research and training institutes all showcase their products and services to developers and engineers from important manufacturing companies. It demonstrates how suppliers and their partners facilitate medtech innovations in the most creative country in the world. Swiss Medtech Expo concentrates predominantly on companies and factors that enable innovation, and so maintains a clear positioning for a long-term, positive development.

As a result, the partners put their energies into organizing two premium events in 2012 and 2013. The goal was to establish the WMTF as the most important tool for successful marketing of the industry. However, the high expectations could only be fulfilled in part. Despite the tremendous commitment of the 250 exhibitors, extremely high-quality content, wide support from numerous organizations, a consolidation of the Swiss medtech events, and a sophisticated PR campaign, the number of visitors, particularly from abroad, fell short of expectations.

After the second WMTF, the organizational partners held numerous discussions and workshops. They wanted to find out why the Swiss supply industry, which has an excellent reputation, is not able to mobilize at international level. The results of their analysis are as follows:

The international medtech industry has changed significantly in the last five years: key factors include the leveling of sales growth, increasing cost pressures, a high level of red tape, and takeovers of manufacturing and supply companies.
The increasing cost pressures imposed by customers and growing regulatory requirements resulted in changes to manufacturers’ business models and a decrease in innovation.
These changes are also felt greatly by the supply industry. Cooperation with manufacturers is becoming more demanding. Manufacturers are reducing their number of suppliers.

Manufacturing companies have to get to grips with tremendous challenges. Nurturing optimal relations with suppliers is not exactly top of their list of priorities. This is why it was not possible to find manufacturers as strategic partners for the WMTF.


Against this background and in view of the fact that the Medtech Switzerland funding program is coming to an end, it is no longer possible to maintain the original positioning of the WMTF. As a result, Messe Luzern and the Medical Cluster have worked hard to find a solution that will meet the current requirements of the industry. Today, we are pleased to tell you about one of these solutions.


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